Act now and you could profit from…

The BIGGEST Tech Gamechanger in 2019:

‘The Lumière Effect’

For too long, Kiwis have been locked out of the world's greatest tech stories. But now a new revolution is starting…and a puny company based in Auckland, New Zealand is leading the charge.

Dear Reader,

What you’re about to witness is a rare, once-in-a-century event.

An event that could instantly upgrade the standard of living for every single person on Earth.

This radical new idea could even be poised to reinvent time itself.

Big claims, I know. But stick with me.

So far, only a few lucky speculators have picked up on this…

The mainstream press and major investment firms are focusing their attention elsewhere.

But, by reading this briefing, you will have the opportunity to get on the ‘inside’ of this revolution.

It’s part of something I call the Lumière Effect.

The Smartest People in History Predicted the Lumière Effect…A Hundred Years Ago!

To decipher exactly how much this innovation has to offer, let’s briefly step back to 1900…to the World Exhibition in Paris.

That year, the brightest minds and most creative artists of the era gathered to predict what the future might hold.

Scientists and inventors…painters and academics…they came from around the world to Paris. And what a show it was!

It’s where the first escalator was revealed.

The diesel engine.

The Ferris Wheel.

Even Russian nesting dolls.

The Exhibition was certainly one of the most legendary moments in history.

But as we look back, we don’t focus on the main exhibition. Instead, we focus our attention on a somewhat-forgotten gallery of paintings. Nestled along the remote perimeter of the Exhibition, it was called ‘France in the Year 2000’.

Away from the exciting centrepieces of the event, like the escalator and largest telescope in the world, this wall of paintings revealed predictions for the year 2000…

…and it’s remarkable how accurate they were!

The paintings depict innovations that wouldn’t appear for another 75 years!

Here are a few of these paintings from 1900…and their modern equivalents:

Electric Scrubbing – A robotic floor cleaning device

Small-Cap Speculator

Source: Independent

Small-Cap Speculator

Source: Deposit Photos

A Very Busy Farmer – An unmanned combine harvester

Small-Cap Speculator

Source: Independent

Small-Cap Speculator

Source: Deposit Photos

Intensive Breeding – An egg incubating machine

Small-Cap Speculator

Source: Independent

Small-Cap Speculator

Source: Deposit Photos

A House Rolling Through the Countryside – A mobile house on wheels

Small-Cap Speculator

Source: Independent

Small-Cap Speculator

Source: Deposit Photos

A Well-Trained Orchestra – An entire orchestra controlled by one man

Small-Cap Speculator

Source: Independent

Small-Cap Speculator

Source: Deposit Photos


Not far from where the paintings were hanging, another forward-thinking luminary was discovering a new technology that would soon transform the world…

He was an old portrait painter named Antoine.

He attended a demonstration of Edison’s Kinetoscope (An early slide projector).

And somehow, he managed to get his hands on a strip of Edison’s film…

When the old painter got home, he showed it to his sons. He urged them to find a way to improve on Edison’s model.

You see, the Kinetoscope was a bulky device…and only allowed for one viewer to watch the moving picture at a time, using a peephole.

It was innovative, sure, but it lacked the simplicity to take it mainstream.

So the brothers set to work…

Over the next few months, they developed their own device. They called it the Cinématographe.

It used a hand-crank and a sewing-machine type mechanism that allowed for the projection of images at about 16 frames per second. (As an aside, the modern television projects images at about 60 frames per second.)

It worked wondrously.

The Device That Took Over the World

So much, that in 1894, the two brothers recorded and displayed a short clip of French workers leaving their factory.

It might not sound like much, but a hundred years ago it would have been like putting a man on the moon.

It’s now considered the very first motion picture in history.

And the names of the two brothers? Auguste and Louis Lumière. 

Today, you can find their invention — the video camera — everywhere.

In your computer…

On your phone…

Above most street corners…

Even behind your car…

Heck, there’s probably one on the device you’re using to read this letter…

In a century, the Lumière brothers managed to infiltrate just about every tech device on earth.

And as technology continues to move at an exponential rate, we’re about to experience something just like it — maybe even greater — in the next 18–24 months.

And the potential for investors who back this plan, well, it could be life-changing.

The Lumière Effect Won’t Just Creep Forward – It Could CATAPULT Society Into the Future!

You see, this truly is a technological revolution.

The troops on the front line are programmers and engineers…and they’ve worked out a way to take the average person’s daily grind…and automate it seamlessly.

Frankly, it feels like science fiction…

Because what you’re looking at is a ground-up overhaul of how you eat, drink, or even use the bathroom.

As Isaac Asimov predicted back in 1964, ‘Gadgetry will continue to relieve mankind of tedious jobs.

Very soon, you’ll have access to:

  • Coffee that brews itself when you’ve woken up.
  • Blinds that open when the sun’s shining.
  • Vacuums that silently clean your house while you’re sleeping.
  • Cars that drop you off and go park themselves.
  • Fridges that order groceries when you’re running low.
  • Front doors that unlock as you approach.

These practical ideas are quickly becoming reality…in fact, you may have seen one or two of these in action already. But the real change and potential is yet to come…

I’m sure you already know this, but revolutions like these can take time to pick up steam…

And during that time, the innovators developing the idea rarely make it into the limelight…so companies tend to be small and cheap.

An investor’s sweet spot.

Fortunately for you, that’s precisely where we are on this trend’s timeline…

And even better — one of the top opportunities in this space today can be found just down the road in Auckland.

A tiny start-up is gearing up to take part in what PricewaterhouseCoopers believes will be ‘a multi-trillion dollar industry in the near future.’

This new industry is estimated to put over $2 trillion in the pockets of big-time investors like Warren Buffett, Tom Seibel and Chet Pipkin.

Although you may not have heard of it from mainstream sources, a few insiders, like Samsung CEO B.K. Yoon understand its power. He said that it ‘has the potential to transform our society, the economy and how we live our lives.’

If you’re thinking that it’s going to be Samsung leading the pack…or Apple…Facebook…Dell…GE…Huawei…Google…you wouldn’t be far off, as I’ll show you in a minute.

These tech giants are scrambling in their research labs to tap into this new technology.

Job boards are brimming with over 10,000 ads for engineers, analysts and developers to staff these premier facilities…

They’re arming up for what Eric Schmidt, the former chairman of Google, said would mean the end of the internet as we know it.

No doubt, these luminaries know a game-changing innovation when they see it…and they’re going all-in on this one right now…staking their claim on the opportunity which could potentially be worth $2 trillion.

Frenzy in Silicon Valley

Imagine you’re a researcher in one of Silicon Valley’s high-security research labs…and you uncover something that could instantly upgrade the standard of living for every person on Earth.

You’d jump in the elevator and head straight to the top floor.

When the executives see this, they’ll fall out of their seats…

That’s exactly what’s happening in boardrooms around the world right now…in Mountain View, Seattle, London, and San Francisco…

It’s happening so fast that I’m going to show you how you can get in today…and potentially make exceptional gains in the next 18–24 months alone. And the best part?

One of the best-positioned opportunities is listed right here on the NZX.

This Extraordinary Moonshot Investment Is Available to YOU!

Normally, only ultra-wealthy or super-sophisticated investors have the resources to discover and buy themselves an early stake in trends like these.

Everyday investors like you are left outside, looking in.

Not today.

The doors to this opportunity are WIDE OPEN for investors just like you — no matter how much you’re worth, or how experienced you are at investing.

You don’t need to be Peter Thiel or Kim Dotcom to take advantage of this.

You can buy in with as little as $360 and an average brokerage account.

$360, which could potentially turn into multi-thousands of dollars in the years ahead, if my analysis is right.

But you have to act quickly.

In the next few minutes, I’ll show you how you could profit in the next two years by investing in this meteoric trend that I call the Lumière Effect.

I believe this company is one of the best opportunities, if not the best opportunity, because they’ve got something special

From a History of Back-Breaking Work… to a Future of Leisure

To fully understand what they bring to the table, picture the rolling hills of Waikato.

A hundred years ago, local dairy farmers likely spent every waking moment feeding their cows, moving grain, refilling the troughs and transporting the raw milk.

Small-Cap Speculator

Source: Deposit Photos

Today, many of those tasks have been successfully automated. That has meant farmers can maintain huge herds with minimal effort.

That’s exactly the sort of opportunity that our Kiwi company is capitalising on…

In fact, they’ve created something that could project that trend of automation into the future, and make day-to-day operations even easier.

For a Waikato dairy farmer, they’ve figured out a way for him to check in on his cattle without ever leaving his recliner.

If he wants, he could even switch on autopilot and take a nice afternoon nap…all while the farm keeps on running.

It’s easy to see how that could revolutionise New Zealand’s $11 billion dairy sector…and our NZX-listed company is poised to deliver.

But the question you may be asking is…

What does this Kiwi company have that big-league tech companies don’t?

Good question. Let me explain…

Some of the most famous tech success stories — Netflix, Facebook, Google — all share one thing in common.

Almost every big-name tech company starts its journey in the US…and gradually moves overseas.

It’s where most big ideas are born and blossom.


In New Zealand, we know that’s not always the case.

Kiwi poster child Xero Ltd [ASX:XRO] is a perfect example…

Xero started as four guys in a cheap apartment who had to hang a metal rod off their balcony to steal internet from the cafè across the street.

They were smart. They had a good business plan. But they also had to start from nothing.

Today, Xero has a market cap of nearly six billion dollars.

It’s upgraded from the run-down apartment on Cuba Street in Wellington to opening its North American headquarters in Denver, Colorado.

While most of its competitors were starting in the US and spreading out to New Zealand, Xero did the opposite.

That gave them a unique angle…and some lucky Kiwi investors walked away with millions…

Grabbing a Stake in This Tiny Tech Stock Could Be Like Buying Xero Back in 2007

When Xero first went public in May 2007, you could have picked up shares on the NZX for just $1.11 in 2007. When Xero delisted in February 2018, your share would be worth $34.00 each.

That’s a 2,963% gain.

That would turn $100 into over $3,000.

$2,000 would weigh in at $61,260.

Want to guess what $10,000 would have become?

Just north of $306,000.

Now I believe it’s time for another Kiwi company to follow in Xero’s footsteps…but with a profit potential that could outstrip Xero multiple times over.

In fact, what Xero has achieved could pale in comparison to the $2 TRILLION super-trend centred on the Lumière Effect.

This Could Make the Industrial Revolution Look Like
a Year Nine Tech Class

The New York Times

It’s safe to say that we are at the start of another industrial revolution. The [Lumière Effect] will rival past technological marvels, such as the printing press, the steam engine, and electricity. From the developed world to the developing world, every corner of the planet will experience profound economic resurgence.

The revolution has already begun bubbling at the surface…

  • Manufacturing: Siemens, Harley Davidson, GE and Cisco all apply this technology to run their plants. These unique systems help streamline production. It also means that engineers have heaps of data to help them refine the processes.
  • Health Care: In the University of California San Francisco Medical

    Center, there’s a special pharmacy manned completely by these devices. It has dispensed 350,000 prescriptions without making a single error.

  • Legal: BlackStone Discovery — an ediscovery and litigation firm — applies the Lumière Effect to analyse 1.5 million documents for less than $100,000. A team of paralegals could have charged $2.1 million to do the same thing.
  • Fast Food: At Eatsa, a futuristic San Francisco-based vegetarian fast-food restaurant, there are no employees. Instead, you use a touchscreen to order and pay. When your food is ready, the meal slides into a ‘cubby’ that lights up with your name.

These examples are just the beginning…

In the days and weeks ahead, this could be on the tongue of every talking head from Auckland to Gibraltar.

Every model we run points to this tech exploding into the linchpin of a $2 TRILLION mega-industry.

Actually, mega-industry is shortchanging it.

This event has the potential to pivot life as we know it.

When This Catches Fire, It Could Kick-Start a Potential 282% Wealth Grab for Early Kiwi Investors

To put it in perspective, we expect the Lumière Effect to be bigger than the internet and the Industrial Revolution COMBINED.

How do we know?

Because, for the first time, the Lumière Effect combines the two — the internet and machines — sparking the next explosion of technological advancement.

So when we say this could be a $2 trillion mega-industry by 2020, we believe it.

That’s more than the total GDP of Australia, New Zealand and every Pacific island combined!

No wonder the experts at Goldman Sachs proclaimed this as the ‘the third wave of the Internet’, which ‘may be the biggest one yet.

That makes investors like you incredibly lucky to be alive for opportunities like this.

It could very well be the ‘biggest one yet’…that is, assuming you’re in before it’s too late.


Because in the next 18–24 months, I expect the global adoption of this trend to reach critical mass…

And by that time, most of the early gains could have been claimed.

Don’t be surprised if within the next 18 months, this trend dominates the front page of every financial publication in this country…

…and launches one tiny company from obscurity to becoming a household name.

Not to mention catapulting its share price along with it.

For now, that stock is trading at a measly 18 cents.

When the public is clued in…and most investors start grabbing up shares…you could see that same 18–cent share shooting up to 69 cents or more!

But here’s the wrap, if you want a seat on this rocket as it shoots for the moon, you need to get on before the mainstream catches on.

Timing Is Critical…
And the Profit Window Is Open Now

Pay attention to what I’m about to share with you in the next few minutes, and you’ll soon have everything you need to get your very own ticket.

If I’m right, in the months ahead you could see the Lumière Effect permeating your daily life, and the daily lives of your children and grandchildren.

But as it stands, this trend is in its infancy. Here’s where we are on the innovation adoption curve:

Small-Cap Speculator

Source: Schubert B2B

This is just the start of what shows promise of being a very profitable ride for investors who get in now.

But that’s the key to investing in the small-cap sector — getting in early…

Take these Kiwi examples, showing how getting in early with small-cap innovators can make all the difference.

If you’d invested $1,000 into a2 Milk in 2017, when it was an established company, your investment would be worth $2,383 today.

Pretty good.

But had you invested the same $1,000 into a2 Milk just 2 years earlier, it would now be worth $13,366.

Invest late (In 2017) — a 136% gain. Invest early (In 2015) — a 1,223% gain.

Then there was Fisher & Paykel Healthcare. If you’d invested $1,000 into F&P in 2015, when it was an established company, your investment would be worth $1,681 today.

That’s great.

But had you invested the same $1,000 into F&P just 3 years earlier, it would now be worth $6,602.

Invest late (In 2015) — a 68% gain. Invest early (In 2012) — a 468% gain.

You see how important it is to get in early, if you’re after the biggest speculative gains?

I believe we’re on the cusp of a brand-new tsunami of innovation…that could change our lives…and make a few investors incredibly wealthy along the way.

Of course, investing and speculating is risky. So never play with more than you can afford to lose.

But this opportunity holds serious potential and some of the world’s top investor juggernauts are already catching on…

Industry Giants Are Scrambling to Tap Into This New Market

Warren Buffett, through Berkshire Hathaway, has heavily invested in a start up in this new field. And that’s coming from an investor who famously ignores tech stocks.

Tom Siebel, billionaire and tech genius, decided to devote his entire focus onto a new company that’s starting to capitalise on this technology.

Chet Pipkin, CEO of Belkin and one of Silicon Valley’s newest billionaires, is reorganising his company to centre on these special devices…

And Peter Thiel, who’s owned houses in Wanaka and Auckland, has invested in a stealthy CIA-inspired research firm that helps improve awareness and security in this space.

Those are just a few of the savvy investors with their eyes on this trend…

But our tiny start-up in Auckland has company on the manufacturing side too…

It’s racing against titans like:

  • Chinese mega-retailer Alibaba
  • Google’s cloud-based arm…
  • Computer and IT trailblazer IBM
  • Networking king Cisco

And some of the ‘old guard’ also looking to embrace this explosive innovation:

Harley Davidson


Arsenal FC






Virgin Atlantic

Farmers Insurance

Johnnie Walker

John Deere

Walt Disney World


Spark Ventures

But no other company is committing more money and resources into this trend than Amazon.

It’s rare for the near $1 trillion mega-company to lag behind on anything tech-related…

This is, after all, the extraordinary ‘unicorn’ that…

  • Drove the entire bookstore industry to extinction…
  • Revolutionised data-driven business…
  • Dominates the entire American retail industry…

Jeff Bezos, the visionary behind Amazon, recognised the potential that the Lumière Effect would hold…so Amazon started a super-secret project codenamed VESTA.

Named after the Roman goddess of home and family, Project VESTA is centred around understanding — and capitalising on — the Lumière Effect.

It’s headed by former Apple executive Max Paley…and similar innovations are already being tested in Amazon’s own factories.

And while Amazon hasn’t revealed any specifics around the project, we know that it’s gaining priority by the growing number of job postings to work on the project.

But here’s the thing — we believe that Amazon is miles behind our tiny Auckland company because of one factor: Amazon’s closed platform.

Let me explain…

Here’s What Our Little
NZ Firm Has Over Amazon

Without fail, revolutionary technologies succeed if they ride on an ‘open platform’.

If the innovator decides to close the door to third-party players, they effectively restrict growth to within their own organisation.

Apple learned that lesson the hard way…

In the ‘80s, Steve Jobs was extremely protective of his Apple platform. He charged developers for toolkits. He inhibited software producers from accessing and building upon his operating system.

And for years, Apple’s market share never left the single digits…

At the same time, Bill Gates opened the doors for his Windows platform, inviting software developers and coders to innovate there.

That decision resulted in a decades-long dominance over the explosive young computer industry.

Apple learned that lesson with the iPhone and iPad. While the operating system is closed, Apple opened up the App Store to outside developers.

The take-off in popularity of Apps is because of this openness, and Apple has benefited from it tremendously.

So while Amazon might certainly be a major player in the upcoming battle over the Lumière Effect…they won’t be able to catch up with innovators operating on an ‘open platform’…like our tiny Kiwi company.

Another reason our company has a leg up on in the competition is because they made a smart strategic decision — they launched after someone else proved the technology was viable.

That’s been a proven strategy for some of history’s fastest-growing companies.

Take a look at Netflix, for example.

When it came around, the movie-rental industry was already in full swing.

Blockbuster had a near-monopolistic control over the market, offering in-store and mail-order movie rentals.

And with DVD technology on the rise, it looked like Blockbuster’s shipping costs would drop, ushering in an even greater market share.

But the team behind Netflix harnessed the power of the internet to leapfrog Blockbuster altogether.

Today, Netflix is worth over NZ$170 billion…and Blockbuster is bankrupt.

As an investor, if you had bought into Netflix any time during its first six years, you could have purchased the stock for under US$4.

This winter, Netflix’s stock hit US$413.50.

A 10,237% gain.

Small-Cap Speculator

Source: Yahoo Finance

Then there’s Facebook.

When Mark Zuckerberg first came up with his Facemash website, social media websites like MySpace and Xanga were already popular.

But Zuckerberg swooped in, just in time for the mobile wave, and dominated the market share.

At Facebook’s IPO five years ago, you could have picked up a share for just $20.

In July this year, that same share was worth $208.09. A nearly four-digit gain.

Small-Cap Speculator

Source: Yahoo Finance

And, of course, we can't forget Google's story...

An Idea That Changed the World

When founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin first came up with the idea, there were already plenty of search engines. You had Excite, Yahoo, Dogpile, Ask Jeeves and more.

But they decided to reinvent the wheel and came up with a better way to rank search results.

When they listed on NASDAQ in 2004, you could have purchased a share for around US$85.

This October, Alphabet (Google’s new name for its parent company) shares went for around $1,166.09.

Small-Cap Speculator

Source: Yahoo Finance

The hard part for investors is sifting through the sea of small-cap companies…and identifying the few rare gems poised for ‘hyper-growth’ like Google or Netflix…

Many Kiwi investors missed out on a few local gems themselves…

Like New Zealand tech sweetheart, Pushpay [NZE:PPH].

Two Kiwis, Chris Heaslip and Eliot Crowther, started the company back in 2011 to help churches take donations through a mobile giving app. 

It was slow-rolling at first…only a few churches around New Zealand had heard of it…and even fewer were willing to try it out.

But it was revolutionary…and filled a major gap in the industry…and once word got around, the company’s value exploded.

Today, Pushpay has a market cap of over $800 million.

The mobile payments developer was valued at only $50 million when it went public.

It’s grown from $1 million revenue to $100 million in under three years.

That’s what I call ‘hyper-growth’. For Pushpay, that’s meant its value shooting up by 1,900%.

For Your Chance to Find ‘Hyper-Growth’ Stocks, Follow This Strategy

Consider Aussie wonder-company, Atlassian Corporation [NASDAQ:TEAM].

It started as a couple of students at the University of New South Wales. They funded the company with only a few thousand dollars of their own credit card debt.

Like Pushpay, they saw a trend…and identified a hole in the market.

When the company listed on the NASDAQ exchange 13 years after launching, its market cap was $4.37 billion.

Over 2,000 employees work for Atlassian, serving 60,000 customers and millions of users.

That’s the kind of ‘hyper-growth’ companies can make when they’re at the forefront of a new innovation…and that’s exactly what we’re seeing now…at a global scale…with the Lumière Effect.

To get in on the action, you will want to own a company at the heart of this revolution.

A few leading companies already in this space are Amazon, Cisco and Qualcomm.

Each one with strong profits and big-time capabilities.

And each one seeing massive gains on the NASDAQ…

For example, between September 2017 and September 2018:

  • Amazon skyrocketed from US$932.89 to US$1,974.55…a gain of 111%.
  • Cisco surged from US$33.20 to US$48.47…a gain of 46%.
  • Qualcomm bounced from US$51.61 to US$72.74…a gain of 41%.

But here’s the catch…

I’m not recommending you buy shares in Amazon, Cisco or Qualcomm.

Those goliath companies can’t avoid other risks like politics or litigation. And if the market tanks, it’s bound to drag them down with it.

Instead, my research is focused on smaller, growing companies that show signs of being healthy and ready to tap into a new market.

And today, my analysis has unearthed a golden opportunity here in New Zealand that could reward investors with MASSIVE returns…in just 18–24 months.

So what is it all about?

The Kiwi Catalyst Set to Ignite the Lumière Revolution

Formed in the late 1980s, this Auckland-based company’s CEO is a tech veteran with over 20 years’ experience working with engineers and manufacturers. He’s got a rolodex full of the brightest up-and-comers…and the right companies to partner with.

He’s backed by a team of highly experienced engineers and financial experts who have come from Europe, Asia and the Americas to explore this century’s biggest opportunity.

The fact is, even if only a tiny fraction of the $2 trillion goes to this small-cap company, the growth will be incredible.

Based on my research, a potential 282% growth is being conservative.

While this stock flies under the mainstream radar, you can seize your share for pocket change.

Today you’ll pay just 18 cents a share.

But in my view, you can bet your bottom dollar that it won’t remain that cheap for much longer.

And while no investment is ever guaranteed, this sort of exponential tech investment revolves around when you get it, not by how much.

What matters is that you get in early…

And with more industry experts getting behind the Lumière Effect every day, the clock is ticking before the early-mover gains are a thing of the past.

In fact…I’ve run the numbers…and read the reports…

I’ve followed the thread and ended up on a number that you, as an early investor, could collar as the adoption flares.

Of course, we don’t have a crystal ball…so the best we do is make highly-educated estimates based on our analysis and research of the company…which come with the obvious risk that it may not play out as we predict.

But that being said, as a financial analyst and researcher, I’ve never seen so much information pointing the same direction — up!

Here’s what I mean…

From Amazon’s Secret Laboratory to Auckland

In early 2015, I received an invitation from Amazon’s Lab126 — the same specialised squad now researching Project VESTA — to demo a brand-new product called Amazon Echo.

This product would be an early application of the coming Lumière Effect.

Remember a clapper light? You could clap your hands and a light would turn on or off?

Well, it was similar, except you used your voice….and the sky was the limit on how many things it could do.

It could play music on command, set alarms, give you the weather forecast, and more.

Today, several generations later, an Amazon Echo is capable of incredible stuff. It can control arrays of smart lights, it can inform you when your car is low on petrol, it can order laundry detergent when you’re out.

The technology has evolved…but it’s nowhere near where it could be once the mainstream adopts it.

For investors, the Amazon Echo was an early taste of what this trend could become…and those who tapped into Amazon early made a considerable sum.

Check this out:

If you had bought stock in Amazon a day before the Echo debuted on 23 June, 2015…and held on, by the time of writing, you’d be sitting on a 282% GAIN.

That would turn a $360 investment into over $1,374…

Or a $1,200 stake into over $4,581…

Or a $10k investment into $38,178.

For reference, if you had put your money in the NZX50 instead (which was on a hot run during that time), you’d only have made 53.3%.

282% versus 53.3%? Easy to see how a little forward-thinking could pay off…

But here’s the driver — our tiny Auckland-based company is riding the same tech wave that Amazon rode with its Echo, but is doing so on a global, industrial scale.

Amazon managed to reach a small group of excited tech consumers. Our company is transforming the entire business world.

That’s why I believe Amazon’s share returns during this period — 282% — are at the low end of what you might encounter with an investment in our fledgling company.

But like those early Amazon investors, you’d need to get your foot in the door before it skyrockets.

The research is done…

It’s all been prepared for you in an exclusive briefing…

The Lumière Effect Is Coming: How You Could Profit From the 2019 Kiwi Mega-Disruptor

This report details how this idea emerged over the past 120 years, starting back at the World Exhibition in Paris.

But this innovation has been limited by both acceptance and technology. Today this radical new idea is finally coming alive…

So far, the general public hasn’t caught on…which means the window of opportunity for you to claim your early investor stake is still open.

And by reading this briefing, you will have the opportunity to get your own ticket to this revolution.

Because what you’re looking at isn’t a fad — it’s an outright revamp of how every generation from now on will live…

And even better — one of the first firms leading the charge today can be found here in Auckland.

Remember: this tiny start-up is on the verge of riding what PricewaterhouseCoopers believes will be ‘a multi-trillion dollar industry in the near future.

And this company is perfectly positioned to claim a sizable slice of that pie.

It’s happening so fast that I’m going to show you how you can get in today…and potentially make over 282% in the next 18–24 months alone. And the best part?

One of the best opportunities is listed right here on the NZX.

You can buy in with as little as $360…

$360, which we believe could turn into thousands of dollars in the near future.

We’ve seen it before with other Kiwi small-caps:

  • Xero + 2,963%
  • a2 Milk + 1,236%
  • Fisher & Paykel Healthcare + 560%

Those are just a few examples of the Kiwi ‘hyper-growth’ opportunities…but only when you find that rare gem at the forefront of a new explosive trend…

And yes, that’s exactly what we’re seeing right now…with our Auckland based company.

At the moment, you can grab a share for relatively nothing…just 18 cents a share.

But in the next 18–24 months, as the global adoption of this trend reaches critical mass…you could see this share price shooting upward.

282% is our low-end estimate of where this fledgling company could go…

To get started, take a look at this report, The Lumière Effect Is Coming: How You Could Profit From the 2019 Kiwi Mega-Disruptor, to discover precisely how you can buy your stake.

Small-Cap Speculator

Inside, you’ll get exclusive access to my complete analysis of the Lumière Effect, the stock recommendation, and a rundown of all the risks and rewards.

Everything has been laid out for you to take advantage of this opportunity.

And because this share is so cheap…and unpredictable, I’ve set a buy-up-to price to help you get in at the right share price.

From what I can tell, you won’t be able to find specialised research on this trend here in New Zealand…

And my research on it won’t be available anywhere else…

This report is only available here…and it’s ready for immediate download, for you today.

You’ll get instant access to my complete breakdown of the tiny tech company in Auckland…what it’s doing…and why I believe it’s set to soar.

This is your shot to tap into the trend before it takes over every headline.

You’re going to want to claim your copy of the report immediately, and I’ll show you how in just a moment.

But before I do, I need to make sure you’re the right person for my research.

You see, there are heaps of investors out there who just want an easy ‘get-rich-quick’ scheme.

Let me be clear — this is not that.

This report includes professional financial research on a company that I believe is poised to explode.

My intent is to provide you with what you need to take advantage, but only if you’re in it because you trust that the Lumière Effect could truly transform life as we know it.

And I need to bring your attention to the size of this company. It’s a ‘small-cap’…which means that it’s a tiny firm…and that its stock price can be volatile.

Alert: If You Don’t Have the Stomach for Small-Cap Volatility, Then This Opportunity Is NOT For You

At a market cap of under $50 million, this is one of the smallest firms on the NZX.

Due to the small nature of the company, its stock price can swing wildly.

It wouldn’t be unusual to see a stock of this size moving up or down by 10% or more in a single trading session.

In fact, I’ve asked my team to take this briefing offline immediately if too many people jump into it at once, because that could lift the stock above my buy-up-to price.

That’s my upper limit to what you should pay for this stock.

In other words, once the stock shoots past that mark, you may miss out on the gains I’ve described…

That’s why it’s absolutely critical that you don’t drag your feet on this one. If you hesitate, it may be too late.

More importantly, if thinking about 10–20% fluctuations in a stock price makes your stomach churn, then small-cap investments like this might not be for you.

If that’s the case, then I thank you for your attention and kindly ask you to close this page.

But if the Lumière Effect…and the prosperity it could bring…has you excited to get your foot in the door, then let me show you why I’m capable to guide you through opportunities like this one…

This American Profit-Hunter Is Doing Something Unique in New Zealand

My name is Taylor Kee.

I have spent my career exploring the world of money.

My journey has taken me through roles in Switzerland, where the elites channel their wealth.

Small-Cap Speculator

Then through Spain, where a countrywide economic collapse had occurred…

Then to the blossoming economies of Southeast Asia, with its bustling factories and export-driven markets.

Soon after to South Korea, where they jumped from nationwide starvation straight to being one of the world’s premier innovation hubs.

Most recently, I returned to the United States, where I’m from originally, to the nexus of economics and politics — Washington DC.

When I arrived, I got an offer for a financial advisory role for one of the biggest wealth management firms in North America.

I’ll be honest, I considered it…but I knew that it would mean replacing the exciting exploration of opportunities that originally drew me to finance world…to a scripted sales pitch for a blah portfolio with blah results.

No thanks!

So I turned them down…and joined the same top-notch research firm that’s led me to my new home in New Zealand today. It allowed me the opportunity to meet with and talk to people like former US Federal Reserve chairman Dr Alan Greenspan, and macroeconomic guru Bill Bonner.

Global contrarian investors like Rick Rule and Doug Casey. And value investing gurus like Chris Mayer and Dr Steve Sjuggerud.

It’s also given me incredible access to some of the world’s best financial analysts Down Under…

  • Future-tech insider Sam Volkering…
  • Micro-cap expert Ryan Dinse…
  • Hyper-growth hunter Harje Ronngard…

…just to name a few.

The best part? They’ve agreed to let me share their premier analysis with you.

That’s right. The same analysts that predicted Donald’s election, Brexit, bitcoin’s rise, the dot-com bubble, and the Great Financial Collapse are the same analysts saying that the Lumière Effect could be the opportunity of the century.

And these are folks who hate to be wrong. When they back an idea, it’s because they’re convinced.

That’s an incredible assurance to me…and it should be to you too.

That’s why I’m launching this new service — effective immediately…

It’s called Small-Cap Speculator.

For the First Time, Kiwis Can Get Top-Grade Research on New Zealand’s Biggest Opportunities

I feel strongly that the Lumière Effect and other emerging trends offer investors like you an amazing opportunity to boost your portfolio.

So I’ve decided to focus my time, effort and the power of my global network to hunting down mammoth profit opportunities hidden behind small-cap companies on the NZX, ASX, and elsewhere if necessary.

These companies are going to be small, usually under $200 million.

All companies start there. With a well-timed investment, you could watch $360 stakes in unknown companies turn into big sums.

That’s where I come in. It’s my job to track down these opportunities for you…and potentially help you balloon your nest egg two–, three–, or 10–times over.

And today, my research is clearly pointing to the Lumière Effect as the greatest innovation in the 21st century.

You’re now one of the few investors who know about this trend and could potentially capture windfall returns…before everyone else catches on.

But please don’t misunderstand, this isn’t the only trend poised to rock our market.

In the unexplored fringes of our market lie some of tomorrow’s leading-edge ideas…

That’s where I focus my attention — on the small, blooming companies that I believe could have the potential to make you a small fortune.

My research publication brings you the very best opportunities across cutting-edge trends on both sides of the Tasman (and beyond).

By subscribing today, you’ll join an exclusive group of like-minded Kiwis that have access to this premier research.

Not only that, but new subscribers like you will receive a welcome package chock-full of investor resources and extra opportunities if you want to take your portfolio to the next level.

Starting with…

3 Homegrown Kiwi Start-ups Set to Skyrocket

Small-Cap Speculator

Our tiny company in Auckland isn’t the only player building on the Lumière Effect.

Our team of in-house analysts and I have uncovered three other start-ups with strong links to this growing trend…each one with a unique approach and a strong potential of claiming a chunk of the profits.

One of the start-ups has done something incredible: they’ve figured out a way to read your mind.

Specifically, they have built an innovation that gives companies an automatic report on what you want, how you want it and when you want to pick it up…all without you having to do a thing.

You know that feeling when you’ve finally become a regular at your local coffee shop?

You walk in and the barista says, ‘The regular?

Imagine if every single coffee shop, restaurant, barbershop, car mechanic or butcher knew your regular order too.

To take it up a notch, what if they all knew your order…AND when you wanted it.

You’d walk in the door and the barista would just be finishing pouring your double-tall-no-whip-soy-white-chocolate-mocha. In and out in 20 seconds.

Walk up to the butcher and he’d already have your 1.25kg of sliced ham bagged and tagged…ready for you to pick up.

Pull up to your mechanic’s garage and he already has a bay ready for your car and your five quarts of synthetic oil ready to go.

The company we’ve picked out has developed a tool that will make all of that a reality…

And it relies on the game-changing technology of the Lumière Effect.

Frankly, that’s the only reason why this company hasn’t already exploded in the mainstream market. Most investors aren’t quite ready to embrace this tech…yet.

That’s why it’s the perfect time for you to snatch up a few shares…and you could watch them shoot for the moon in the next 18–24 months.

And if that’s not enough, this report — 3 Homegrown Kiwi Start-ups Set to Skyrocket — includes my premier analysis of TWO MORE hyper-growth stocks on the cusp of making it big.

  • One small Kiwi company that focuses on tying together Lumière Effect devices. They’ve designed unique technology to synchronise connected devices with military-grade precision.
  • When you think about how this technology might be used in transportation and manufacturing, you want each piece of the puzzle to be perfectly in tune with one another.

  • If one sensor is slightly faster…or hotter…or lighter, it could quickly become catastrophic.

  • This company has figured out a way to get each device talking with one another…and on the same page. I won’t be surprised if this company gets its tech into many, if not most, new devices you’ll see.

  • The last company revealed in this report is an extremely small firm that’s invented a very big idea.
  • They thought about the automating power of the Lumière Effect and came up with software that can automate the one thing we never thought possible — human communication.

  • The big idea is that communications between companies and customers should be one of the last things to be automated…why not get a jump start on the competition and figure it out now?

  • And what they’ve designed is an incredible program that might soon make many client-facing positions obsolete.

  • Right now, their idea is so forward-thinking that you can snap up shares for this company for basically nothing…but you can bet that won’t last long.

If you want to capture as much of the early-adopter gains as possible, there’s no better way than checking out these three hand-picked companies, available to Kiwi investors right now.

Listen, this might sound ridiculous, but I’m going to sweeten the pot by giving you access to one more of my best research reports:

The Next Kiwi Stock to Rocket on Chinese Consumer Demand

Small-Cap Speculator

In this report, I give you all the details on a New Zealand-headquartered company that’s sitting on a US$20 billion industry…and is perfectly placed to scoop up the lion’s share of the profits.

This firm has cornered a niche market…one that’s set to erupt as the Chinese middle class emerges.

It’s no secret that the Chinese are getting wealthier. The middle class is beginning to balloon…and with it, new areas of demand.

This company, based in New Zealand, has figured out one product that the Chinese won’t be able to live without…and will likely be happy to pay a premium for.

And since this company has established themselves now, before thrusters go full-blast, shareholders today could see astonishing returns soon.

I’ll outline how you can invest…and what price you should pay…all the key risks and more in this brand-new report.

But I need to throw an important caveat out there….

The last thing I want to do is show you all of these opportunities…and then hang you out to dry.

I’m going to give you an entire suite of ongoing services.

I’ll guide you through each step of investing, then monitor the recommendations over time and provide you with updates.

You’ll always know exactly what’s going on with each of the companies I reveal today…and the exact moment you ought to exit the position.

To do that, I’ve prepared a welcome package for all new Small-Cap Speculator subscribers.

It contains everything you’ll need to profit off these opportunities, as well as what you’ll need down the road as a small-cap investor.

The value-packed welcome package includes:

Small-Cap Speculator

Exclusive Access to My NZ Small-Cap Buy-list…

We’ll start off with our Auckland-based company…but it won’t stop there. As we discover new and promising opportunities, we’ll share recommendations and build them into an exclusive buy-list.

It gives you everything you need to invest — which stock, what price, the key risks and when to sell..

Small-Cap Speculator

Trade Alerts…

I’ll watch over our holdings carefully day and night…so you don’t have to. When it comes time to sell or buy more, I’ll send you a clear alert via email.

We’ll include a quick summary of why it’s a perfect time to buy or sell…and how you can do it.

Small-Cap Speculator

 Detailed Monthly Briefings…

Beyond stock recommendations, we’ll offer you a monthly briefing that gives you insight into the trends and topics we’re investigating. You’ll find the clues as we uncover them that point us towards new opportunities.

That could include discussions with industry insiders, juicy titbits from investor conferences, revealing financial statements or discoveries of start-ups about to list. Plus, I’ll offer my own analysis of New Zealand’s market from a high-level view…where we are and where we’re going…

Small-Cap Speculator

 Small-Cap Profit Alerts Every Single Week…

With my weekly updates, you’ll never be left in the dark. I’ll reach out, once a week, and update you on our stock recommendations and what’s happening in the markets that could affect your investments.

You’ll be ‘in-the-know’ with the most up-to-date insights available in New Zealand… like what fund managers or stockbrokers pay thousands for. And it will all be in clear jargon-free English, with specific guidance on what you can do with our stocks.

Small-Cap Speculator

 24/7 Members-Only Encrypted Website…

As a member, you’ll get complete access to the Small-Cap Speculator’s members-only area. That’s where I’ll store my buy-list, reports, updates and analysis…all available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Small-Cap Speculator

A Dedicated Customer Service Team for Subscribers...

We know that nothing beats talking to a real-life human being. If you have any questions at all…or concerns…we have a dedicated support staff ready to answer your call. They’ll either get you what you’re looking for…or walk you through whatever you need.

For those who join today, you’ll get my entire Small-Cap Speculator suite…plus TWO MORE bonus reports!

If you’re new to all this, don’t worry. I’ve prepared two reports that include the tips and strategies I’ve developed over the years.

It’s jam-packed with all the stuff I wish I knew when I started…including specific investing strategies, step-by-step explanations of investing and how we’ll identify New Zealand’s greatest small-cap opportunities.

To try this out, all I ask in return is to take a no-obligation trial subscription to our brand-new investment advisory, Small-Cap Speculator.

Which, by the way, normally runs at the full publisher’s price of $99 annually.

Along with all the reports I’ve highlighted above, I’ll send you two more bonus reports, just as a thank-you for agreeing to trial this service…

Bonus Report #1:

The Ultimate Guide to Hyper-Growth Small-Cap Investing

Small-Cap Speculator

In this report, I reveal my network’s fine-tuned guide to getting your money working with small-cap stocks. It’s a highly lucrative strategy…and one that we’ve perfected over the past several decades.

If you’ve got questions…or don’t know how to get the ball rolling…we’ll cover that and more…in this unique report.

Bonus Report #2:

The Complete A-Z Guide to Getting Started with Bitcoin

Small-Cap Speculator

In the past year, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have fallen from their peak…some have even fallen to zero. The mainstream seems to believe this means the boom is over. I disagree.

In fact, the experts I talk to say that it’s only just begun…and we’re in the valley before the next mountainous rise. Buying in now, at a discount, might be one of the best decisions you can make today. See how in this exclusive report.

But here’s the thing — today I’m going to give all of them away as a bonus to new subscribers.

That includes:

  • 3 Homegrown Kiwi Start-ups Set to Skyrocket
  • The Next Kiwi Stock to Rocket on Chinese Consumer Demand
  • The Ultimate Guide to Hyper-Growth Small-Cap Investing
  • The Complete A-Z Guide to Getting Started with Bitcoin

And of course…

  • The Lumière Effect Is Coming: How You Could Profit From the 2019 Kiwi Mega-Disruptor

You get all of this, just for agreeing to trial a no-obligation subscription to Small-Cap Speculator for a year.

Now, as I mentioned, a full year for this service normally costs $99.

But I’ve persuaded my publisher to let me discount it heavily…for founding members only…and just for today.

A One-Time Offer for Original Members

I’ll be honest — I’m going to be very picky with who joins my service.

I’m looking for the proactive early-adopters who know value when they see it…and aren’t afraid to embrace a new opportunity.

Because of that, we’ve decided to offer a special price to the original members who accept my invitation right now.

Today you can subscribe to my research service, Small-Cap Speculator, for a full year…for only $49.

That’s less than a dollar a week…

…And half the price we’d normally charge.

If you look at everything you get, you might wonder how we make money…

Small-Cap Speculator

That’s right, you get all that…plus a year of my dedicated research…for just $49.

If Small-Cap Speculator is so valuable, why am I giving it away so cheaply?

Because I want to earn your repeat business.

I believe my top-notch research will blow you away…and you’ll decide to stay with us year after year.

Remember, my research is fully independent. Unlike some of our competitors in New Zealand, we don’t make deals with other companies to advertise or highlight certain stocks.

As our subscriber, you’re our only ‘shareholder’…and because of that, we’re able to deliver completely unbiased research.

That’s why your satisfaction is my only goal…and why I’m willing to offer my service to you today for such a low cost.

And to show just how confident I am that I’ll over-deliver to you, I’m adding one last benefit to make your decision easy…

Money-Back Guarantee…for an Entire Year!

When you subscribe to Small-Cap Speculator today, you can do so completely under no-obligation for a full year.

That means you can get a quick, no-questions-asked 100% refund any time during your subscription during your first year.

Small-Cap Speculator


Yes, that means that on the 364th day of your subscription, after you’ve received all the reports, recommendations, 12 monthly reports and 50 weekly updates, you can call us up and ask for a full refund…and we’ll happily give it to you.

(And you can keep everything!)

I’m sure you’ll agree that’s a square deal.

In fact, that’s probably a better deal than you’ll find anywhere else.

That’s just how confident I am that I’ll over-deliver with Small-Cap Speculator…and earn your business.

Because if you give my research a try, by the time that 364th day rolls around, you could potentially have turned a $10,000 stake in our tiny Auckland-based company into $38,178 or more…

…And $49 will feel like pocket change.

Your Next Step Now

If you’re ready to tap into the explosive potential of the Lumière Effect…and want your instant access to The Lumière Effect Is Coming: How You Could Profit From the 2019 Kiwi Mega-Disruptor …then I invite you to subscribe to Small-Cap Speculator right now.

Remember, you do so under a fully-backed 100% money-back guarantee during your first year…

And when you subscribe, you’ll get your exclusive access to all four bonuses, yours to keep no matter what.

I’ll deliver your reports to your inbox straight away…

Simply click the link below….

I’m In! Sign Me Up!

(You’ll have a chance to review your order before it’s final.)

Sincerely Yours,

Small-Cap Speculator

Taylor Kee
Editor, Small-Cap Speculator

PS: For those who choose to join me on this exciting adventure and opportunity, I look forward to you joining our exclusive group. You’ve made a fantastic decision.

Keep an eye out for my email right after you finalise your order. It will contain your access to The Lumière Effect Is Coming: How You Could Profit From the 2019 Kiwi Mega-Disruptor and all four extra bonuses too.

Small-Cap Speculator
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What are you going to get if you respond right now?

By responding today, you only pay $49 for a full year of access to my service, Small-Cap Speculator.

And remember, that $49 is fully refundable any time during the annual subscription.

On top of the full year of my research, you’ll get a downloadable report called, The Lumière Effect Is Coming: How You Could Profit From the 2019 Kiwi Mega-Disruptor.

Inside the pages of the exclusive report, you’ll get a unique analysis of the coming trend that could reshape our world…and of course, you’ll get a detailed stock recommendation for our tiny stock from Auckland.

You will ALSO receive digital copies of the four bonus reports:

  • 3 Homegrown Kiwi Start-ups Set to Skyrocket

  • The Ultimate Guide to Hyper-Growth Small-Cap Investing

  • The Next Kiwi Stock to Rocket on Chinese Consumer Demand

  • The Complete A-Z Guide to Getting Started with Bitcoin

Finally, you’ll receive your Small-Cap Speculator welcome package which includes:

  • Exclusive Access to My NZ Small-Cap Buy-List…

  • Trade Alerts…

  • Detailed Monthly Briefings…

  • 24/7 Members-Only Encrypted Website…

  • A Dedicated Customer Service Team for Subscribers...

  • Small-Cap Profit Alerts Every Single Week…

As a subscriber to Small-Cap Speculator, you’ll receive ongoing commentary that explains the high-potential trends currently flying under the radar.

You’ll get an in-depth look at where these trends could go…and which companies are best-positioned to capitalise.

This sort of forward-thinking analysis isn’t something you’ll find in The National Business Review or The New Zealand Herald.

It’s a unique service for a potentially highly lucrative investing strategy – New Zealand’s small-cap stocks.

Now my goal is to earn your business by over-delivering top-notch, high-return recommendations…backed by well-researched analysis.

If you’re not impressed…or simply decide it’s not right for you…that’s not a problem.

Simply contact your dedicated customer service representative and they’ll get you sorted out in no time. You’ll never be billed another cent…PLUS, you’re free to keep all of the reports and bonuses that you receive.

But if you love what we’re doing and see the unique benefits of this service…then you won’t have to do anything else. After your first year comes to a close, we’ll automatically bill your card $99 for a one-year subscription to Small-Cap Speculator. Your subscription will then automatically renew annually thereafter at the regular fee of $99 a year. You can choose to cancel at any time and the payments will stop. You still have a full year to trial this service under no obligation.

1. What if I decide I don’t want to be a
Small-Cap Speculator subscriber?

As mentioned above, that’s no problem. This is a no-obligation deal. If, for any reason, after assessing the archive you decide it’s not for you, just call our customer service team within your trial period (your first year), let them know, and you’ll be refunded for the subscription.

Remember, I know this won’t be for everyone. It’s for a very specific group of investors…those that want to tap into the potential of the Lumière Effect.

2. Who is Taylor Kee?

Taylor is an MBA graduate, with degrees in economics and international business. He’s been investigating the world of money for years…seeking the globe’s top opportunities and threats. With the help of an international network, Taylor now focuses on identifying potential in New Zealand…and what he’s discovered could be life-changing.

According to Taylor, the most popular stocks held aren’t necessarily the big-winners. They’re often the winners of yesterday. With small-cap stocks, investors can now tap into superstars before they explode…which could mean a profitable ride for early investors.

3. What if Taylor is wrong with his Lumière Effect thesis?

Well, simply, he’ll be wrong. But he’ll be wrong alongside dozens of industry insiders and financial gurus who are currently backing the idea too.

And the stocks he recommends might not shoot for the moon as his research predicts…instead they’ll keep rolling along, perhaps making solid returns despite the trend falling through.

It’s a risk that these plays won’t pan out. Taylor isn’t infallible. And even the correct calls he’s made should be countered with the fact that past performance does not guarantee the future.

That being said, you don’t have to be an MBA-wielding expert to see the facts and make an educated guess where things could go.

Give Small-Cap Speculator a go today, see the facts, hear the argument, and make you own conclusion on how the Lumière Effect could play out.

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