Fasten your seat belt for a furious
raid on the stock market….


Small-Cap Speculator

Revealing the ONLY stocks in New Zealand that have the potential to help you to a five-figure payday in a single hit

Dear Friend,

You’re about to leave on a road trip.

You have a choice of two vehicles.

On the one hand, you have a sturdy Volvo 850.

It’ll get you there. All but guaranteed. Slow and steady, you’ll arrive at your destination. No fuss, no fun.

On the other, you have something a little different. It’s a lipstick-red La Ferrari.

The fastest road car ever made.

You’ll burn across the roads, gleaming in the sun, turning heads as you rocket along.

You might blow a tyre along the way. But when you arrive, you arrive long before the boxy old Volvo. And you do it in heart-racing style.

Which one do you choose?

If it’s the Volvo, don’t read on. This really isn’t for you.

But if you choose the Ferrari — you’re going to love Nitro Stocks.

Because you love life in the fast lane.

It’s wild. Exhilarating. 

And it’s the same with your money.

While your mates crawl to a 5% gain here…

Grovel to an 8% profit there…

Inching out their lives on slow-motion blue chips…

You’re about to blow their socks
off — and go NITRO

Nitro Stocks could make you gains as high as +560%, +1,236% or even a mouth-watering +2,936%.

That’s what you want, isn’t it?

A way to rapidly increase your personal wealth?

These gains weren’t made over lifetimes. But in some cases, just a few short years.

I hope that’s what you’re after.

Because making money this way is like pressing a turbo button on a supercar. You can rack up a small fortune in next to no time.

My name is Taylor Kee.

I’ve made it my sole focus to hunt down the most exciting and lucrative opportunities on the NZX. And I’ve arrived at what I believe is the razor’s edge of investing.

I’m not here to rag on big stocks or the way other blokes invest their money.

You can make good money over time on blue-chip stocks, no question. A lot of people do it.

But you have to be prepared to wait. A long time.

Accumulate shares. Reinvest your dividends. After 30 years, you can come out with half-decent money.

You can eke out your golden years well enough.

If that’s what you’re after, good luck to you.

But you’re wasting your time reading this.

Because there are TWO ways to make money from stocks...

Slow and steady…

Or fast and furious.

This is for people who want the latter. And that’s what Nitro Stocks are all about.

Nitro Stocks could turn a sliver of your money — a small sum of just $2,000 — into $12k…in ONE FURIOUS BLAST.

You could make more money in just a couple of years with Nitro Stocks than a ‘mum-and-dad’ blue-chip investor will make in 20.

Here, see for yourself:

Google Finance

Source: Google Finance

Had you invested in this Nitro stock (XERO) in November 2012, by the following April you would have already doubled your money.

That’s $10,000 into $20,000…

By the following October (2013) you would have TRIPLED IT.

And in under two years — from November 2012 to March 2014 — you would have multiplied your money by 792%...

That turns that $10,000 into a massive $79,200…

Have you EVER seen a blue-chip stock do that?

I doubt it.

In that same period, between November 2012—March 2014, ANZ Bank, one of New Zealand’s premier ‘blue chips’ had moved up a measly 10%.

If you wanted anywhere near a similar payday off ANZ you would have had to stake a WHOLE LOT MORE.

Mind you, you don’t have to ‘bet the bank’ to make big money from Nitro Stocks.

That’s the real beauty of them.

You can take a tiny portion of your spare capital and use it to buy a new car, a holiday for you and your kids, or a hefty down-payment on a new house.

Nitro stock A2 Milk (A2M) shows that you could make a very tidy sum.

Google Finance

Source: Google Finance

If you put a modest $500 on this barnstormer in August 2015…over the coming five years you would have seen that sum balloon to $9,990.

I think you’ll agree — a 10K payday is great money and with very little on the line.

If you were more adventurous — or had more to spare — and laid down $2,000, you’d have a whopping $39,990 in your account right now.

That’s a gain of more than 1,998% in just a few short years.

But Nitro Stocks aren’t ‘flash in the pans’.

If you’re prepared to wait just a little longer…maybe even venture across the Tasman , you can use Nitro Stocks to transform your level of wealth entirely.

For example, look at this firecracker…

$10K into $409,600

Nitro Stocks burn fast and bright, there’s no doubt.

But as you’ll see, that turbo-powered growth often gives them a blistering momentum.

If you get in early enough (I’ll show you precisely how to do that as we go along) you can bank immense profits.

Take a look at this Nitro stock did from January 2015 to March 2019…

Google Finance

Source: Google Finance

Since January 2015, the Aussie tech heavy-hitter Appen has rocketed an astonishing 4,096%.

If you were feeling confident and punted $10K on this Nitro powered stock, you’d have MORE than $400K sitting in your account right now.

Yes. A SIX FIGURE windfall off a single stock punt.

That’s the kind of payday that could pay off your mortgage AND buy you a holiday anywhere in the world…

I have no idea how long it might take a blue-chip to climb that high. It’s probably impossible for a big stock to make that kind of move in a lifetime.

But Nitro Stocks have the inbuilt power to explode in price. And when they do, if you have a stake, they could pull you out of your everyday life and allow you to live on your own terms.

With a $400,000 in the bank, I doubt you’ll be worrying about bills…or fretting over your kids’ future.

Whether you use that cash to buy another house, the car of your dreams or just whack it in the bank and get a steady stream of interest payments.

It’s entirely up to you.

Sure, this is an extreme example of what Nitro Stocks could do. They won’t all make you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

But climbs of 500%, 1,000%, 2,000% can happen.

If you know WHERE to look. And WHEN to act.

Just two or three of these Nitro-powered stocks could fundamentally alter the course of your life.

A lot of people sit in bed at night and wonder what they’d do with an extra cash of that level. To them it will always be a dream. A little game they play before they drift off to sleep.

Forget that.

While they’re living in a fantasy world — you could be potentially racking up real money.

Stop and picture what that would be like, for just a second…

Someone tells you about an interesting new tech play. You’ve never heard of it before…but you can tell there’s something special about it.

So you put $1,000 on it when it first IPOs. You think nothing of it.

Less than six months later and now you have $2K in your account.

Still, you think nothing of it.

Then a few weeks later you see that money has doubled (AGAIN).

At this stage you think: ‘Surely this can’t get any better.’

And then in another few months it DOUBLES AGAIN AND THEN SOME. 

You’re in the fast lane. And there’s no feeling like it.

The stock run I just described was XERO. When Xero started trading in November 2012, a single share would have cost you $5.08.

By March 2014 — just 26 months later, a single share would have cost you north of $40 bucks.

That’s a mammoth 792% increase in price.

I’ve mentioned it before because it’s the perfect example of a stock hitting the Nitro switch…

The climbs can be searing. And I should warn you: to some people, it can be unsettling.

You need a bit of nerve to invest this way because you’re racing through the speed limit here. Most people will never see their money move up this fast. It can make them nervous.

But if you think you can handle the pace, you could stand to make a packet...

Nitro-charge YOUR returns

You can’t get these returns with big companies.

They’re too big. Their rapid-growth stage is over.

When a big company like ANZ or Auckland Airport wants to develop a new part of their business…it takes years. Board meetings, focus groups, public relations management…all to see their stock move from $26 to $27 per share.

That might be great for the CEO of the company — but for you, it’s measly.

Big companies can’t make a splash. Everyone is looking at them. Everyone is already invested in them.

With smaller, niftier companies — it’s different.

They’re making progress at 150mph. And because the market isn’t looking out for them…when they come out with a new service or new product — their stock can hit a ‘nitro phase’ and climb rapidly. They shock the market.

That’s when word gets out, and the mainstream market stampedes into the stock.

For a while smaller companies move along just like a blue-chip. Nothing much happens.

Here — let me show you.

I’ve already shown you the explosive gains from Nitro stock A2 Milk company.

What you may not have realised is that for years its share price just pottered along.

Tiny A2 Milk which traded for a couple of bucks wasn’t really attracting much enthusiasm from prospective investors.

In 2015 and 2016 it had its ups and down, mostly just trotting along.

Google Finance

Source: Google Finance

This share price graph could be any old blue-chip — going sideways, doing nothing. 

But just like a supercar with a ‘turbo button’, nitro-stocks have an inbuilt ability to go up 0mph to 120mph in a matter of seconds.

And that’s just what happened to A2 Milk.

The company announced a massive, and I mean massive, surge in demand for its flagship products: Baby formula.

Apparently, the Chinese market couldn’t get enough of A2’s product. And it showed, from 2016 to 2017 — earnings from the Asian segment skyrocketed +1,021% in just a year!  

Check it out for yourself…

A2 Milk

Source: A2 Milk

Look what happened when investors got a hold of this info…

Google Finance

Source: Google Finance

Small, fast companies like this can shock the market. No-one sees them coming. But when they arrive, just like a new model Ferrari, they turn heads. Everyone wants to take it for a spin.

Nitro Growth often =
Nitro Gains for investors

If you want to get in on the kind of stock plays that can help you to a five-figure payday in a single hit — this could be your best chance of success.

With small, Nitro-powered stocks.

I know, because I head up a special investment circle with the sole focus of hunting down power-packed Nitro Stocks and sharing them with people like you.

I’ll tell you more about that inner circle in a moment — including how you can try it out for yourself for a whole 365 days (under no obligation to continue) just to see if you like it.

My aim is simple. To show New Zealand investors small companies that can potentially make them a year’s wage in a month. And I’d like to help you do that too.

The current set of Nitro Stocks I’m watching have already shown my current inner circle members the screaming potential of this kind of stock.

As you can see, in the few short months that we’ve had our doors open, we’ve already given our loyal readers the chance to bank gains impressive gains as high as 14%...33%...and 100%.

And we’ve only had this service open four months!

All my analysis tells me that they are only set to burst even higher in the months ahead.

Of course, I can’t tell you the name of these high performers because it’s still our special portfolio of picks.

But I can reveal that one of them is a very small company — but my suspicions are it won’t stay that way for long.

Google Finance

Source: Google Finance

Mainstream investors didn’t think this was a buying opportunity at all...all they saw was a tiny see-sawing stock out of its 2015 prime.

But we’ve developed special criteria to spot Nitro Stocks BEFORE they reach their turbo growth phase.

I’ll tell you about those criteria in detail in a moment.

I take it very seriously. And I simply won’t recommend a stock unless it meets every point on this specially developed checklist. 

These criteria help me weed out the small companies with little or no promise…

And home in on the ones with true Nitro-power.

Like the little tech company I just showed you that’s ALREADY up 100% since I told my readers to buy in December 2018.

How much do you think the New Zealand stock exchange is up since December 2018?

The short of it…not much at all.

Google Finance

Source: Google Finance

Sure, 9% is okay pocket-change…but when you consider that the ‘Nitro stock’ I just showed you has already beat that benchmark nine times over…you start to really appreciate potential of these nitro-charged super-stars’ ability to…

…deliver outsized returns in a seriously short span of time.

Do you know anyone else making profits like these from the stock market?

After all, I’ve been researching this market for a long time. I can show you scores of stocks just like these.

And here’s the best bit…

Right now, I have the details of three Nitro Stocks in my sights that I’d like to share with you.

Any one of these could turn your small stake into a new car, a getaway vacation for you and your kids…or even a hefty down payment on a new home.

If you want to know what they are and how to lock on to them, keep reading.

Because I believe things are about to move to a whole new level.

Or, more accurately, CONTINUE to move to a whole new level.

I believe the next few years could see a golden age for Nitro Stocks.

Let me explain you need to…

Get ready for the 2019 ‘Nitro Rush’

It may come as a surprise to you…

…but according to the World Bank, New Zealand is actually the best place in the world to do business.

New Zealand is so good, in fact, that it’s beaten out global heavyweights like Singapore, Denmark, and even Hong Kong.

It’s not often I’ll tip my hat to the government.

Most of the time their meddling tends to COST us money.

If they’re not taxing us through the nose, they’re coming up with ways to chip away at our wealth.

But they’ve done a great job of fostering the kind of world-class business conditions that allow small-cap companies — aka Nitro Stocks — to flourish.

And it shows…

Over the last few years New Zealand has churned out a big wave of power-packed Nitro Stocks and delivered savvy investors massive returns in the process.

Check it out…

  • Xero + 2,963%
  • a2 Milk + 1,236%
  • Fisher & Paykel Healthcare + 560%

All these companies, all New Zealand born and bred. And all flourishing thanks to New Zealand’s world class business environment.

And with the Guardian pointing out that no reforms to this wildly successful system were made in 2018...

I’m convinced that things are set to stay the same.

It’s moves like this that are like lighting a fire with rocket fuel…and then pouring nitro-glycerine on it!

But you can’t sit on your hands with this opportunity.

Now it’s time for you to jump into this market and reap all the benefit.

Because in a massively pro-business environment like New Zealand’s, it’s the everyday investors like yourself who are poised to really benefit.

So if you want in on the biggest market raid in NZX history — to potentially bag the next-wave of supercharged NZ Nitro Stocks — the next Xero, A2 Milk, or Fisher and Paykel…

…then stick with me…

I can show you how you could potentially make a fortune out of this once-in-a-generation government-backed stock rush.

You’ve seen what Nitro Stocks are capable of…if you’d had just a few thousand bucks in the handful of examples I’ve already shown you above, you’d be on your way to a small fortune.

But I didn’t create this presentation to look back at the past.

Today I’m going to show you…

Three ‘Nitro-Powered’ stocks set to go ballistic in 2019 and

To make it as simple as possible for you, I’ve put my three best Nitro stock picks in an easy-to-read briefing. It’s called: NITRO POWER: Three Stocks to Buy Before They Lift-Off in 2019.

You can have this report today — under no obligation whatsoever.

I’ll show you how to claim it in a moment…

PLUS I’ll give you unrestricted access to my full BUY list of eight Nitro Stocks…

One of which I believe has the power to turn every $1,000 you invest into as much as $6,850 in the long run.

Best of all, I’ve arranged a way you can start using Nitro Stocks under no obligation at all. You can just look around and see if you like it.

Before I let you in, I want to make sure you can handle the blistering pace of Nitro Stocks…

Because the truth is, they are very risky.

They are small companies and by nature they are volatile. So, like anything you invest in, you should only use money you can afford to lose.

You have to have a bit of nerve and be prepared for a bumpy ride. That’s the nature of Nitro Stocks.

As you’ve seen from my current buy-list, while some of my Nitro Stocks have already topped the New Zealand market as much as nine times over…

…some have also fallen flat. One of my Nitro picks is down as much as 9.2%. Another down 1%.

What you have to understand is losing some, or even all of your capital, is a real possibility here. That’s what you get when you trade at the small-side of the market.

Of course, that’s JUST one side of it. And while you should never ignore the downside of any investment…

When these Nitro Stocks come off — there’s nothing like it.

I want to help you experience that feeling.

I’ve made it my mission to scour the market and lock on to small companies capable of climbing multi-hundred percent, sometimes in just a few years’ time…

Now I want to give you the details of three screaming buys that are selling for cents on the dollar right now...

All three have profit potential that could potentially end up matching everything you’ve seen so far.

It’s your turn

As you'll read in my Nitro stock briefing — NITRO POWER: Three Stocks to Buy Before They Lift-Off in 2019 — the upside potential for each of these ‘punts’ is HUGE.

Like I said, while we’ve only been open for four months, we’ve already witnessed an outpouring of support from our readers capitalising on our ‘Nitro Stocks’ strategy.

Like, Rod who wrote into us to say that not only is he happy with the stock picks we have provided…

But more than that, with some of your advice, I have learnt how to be a wiser and more discerning buyer and also how to do a little of my own research.

Or Anton who makes a point every investor interested in the explosive returns potential of ‘Nitro Stocks’ should understand…

Anybody that can afford to lose some money in the short term should try to make some money in small caps, because I agree that's where the big opportunities are and when you jump in time you don't have to invest huge sums.

Others have praised us as an independent source of un-biased financial information. Bill has gone as far to say that our investment circle…

Is the best source of NZ financial information there is. It's not afraid to tell it like it is, and the stock tips in SCS are pretty good, too, or at least they have been so far.

And Kim W has even pointed out that…

I would never have known about any of these stocks, nor have had the confidence to invest in them even if I did, had not been a subscriber. Keep the tips coming.

Finally, Errol K has even gone as far to say that…

People need to subscribe as it's most likely the only way they are going to get in early on the small hidden gems.

I’m proud that my special investment circle has already made such a big difference to the lives of everyday New Zealanders.

…and that everyday investors like Kim are discovering the power-packed potential of New Zealand’s ‘Nitro Stocks’.

And now I want you to experience it too.

In fact, that’s the exact reason I am writing to you today.

Let me tell you about the first Nitro stock on my hot-list


My first Nitro Stock has done something incredible: they’ve figured out a way to read your mind.

I know, that sounds outlandish at first.

But they have built an innovation that gives companies an automatic report on what you want, how you want it, and when you want to pick it up…all without you having to do a thing.

You know that feeling when you’ve finally become a regular at your local coffee shop?

You walk in and the barista says, ‘The regular?

Imagine if every single coffee shop, restaurant, barbershop, car mechanic, or butcher knew your regular order too.

To take it up a notch, what if they all knew your order…AND when you wanted it.

You’d walk in the door and the barista would just be finishing pouring your double-tall-no-whip-soy-white-chocolate-mocha. In and out in 20 seconds.

Walk up to the butcher and he’d already have your 1.25kg of sliced ham bagged and tagged…ready for you to pick up.

Pull up to your mechanic’s garage and he already has a bay ready for your car and your five quarts of synthetic oil ready to go.

The company we’ve picked out has developed a tool that will make all of that a reality…

Frankly, that’s the only reason why this company hasn’t already exploded in the mainstream market. Most investors aren’t quite ready to embrace this tech…yet.

Often investors don’t embrace this kind of radical change. But when they do, boy do those companies hit the Nitro switch.

That’s why I believe it’s the perfect time for you to snatch up a few shares of this Nitro Stock…and you could watch them shoot for the moon.

See if investors DO embrace the tech this company is backing — like I believe they will — punt $1,000 today in my first Nitro Stock and you could potentially be looking at that sum ballooning out to as much as $4,870 in the few years’ time.

Honestly, this is one of the hottest stocks on my buy-list right now.

And I believe it could make you more money in one hit than all your previous stock market gains combined.

All the details on this Nitro Stock are in your special briefing: NITRO POWER: Three Stocks to Buy Before They Lift-Off in 2019.

As I’ve said, this report is complimentary — and it’s yours to download today.

But first, let me quickly run you through the other two Nitro Stocks on my urgent buy list right now:


One small Kiwi company that focuses on tying together a ton of different devices. They’ve designed unique technology to synchronise connected devices with military-grade precision.

When you think about how this technology might be used in transportation and manufacturing, you want each piece of the puzzle to be perfectly in tune with one another.

If one sensor is slightly faster…or hotter…or lighter, it could quickly become catastrophic.

This company has figured out a way to get each device talking with one another…and on the same page. I won’t be surprised if this company gets its tech into many, if not most, new devices you’ll see.

Of course, there are risks here, too.

Bold ideas can often be make or break. And investors don’t always respond to new ideas in a positive way.

That could be the case here too. Like anything you put your money in, you could lose it. No-one can foresee if an even better technique will come two or three years down the line. I can only make an analysis on the way things stand today.

But I’ve put all three Nitro Stocks that I’m showcasing for you today through my rigorous checklist and I think its chances of executing its business plan and becoming a leader in this specialist tech-space are extremely high.

From where I stand, this is a fantastic opportunity for you to potentially multiply your money many times over.

And if more than one of this Nitro Stock’s products and unique solutions catch fire, you could see your small stake climb 72.5% or higher in the coming years.

After all, this is just a glimpse of this stock’s Nitro-potential.

I’ve given you the full breakdown in the special briefing I’d like to hand over to you today: NITRO POWER: Three Stocks to Buy Before They Lift-Off in 2019.

It contains a more detailed run down of this company’s promise, the details you need to buy into it today and a full risk analysis — so you’re clued up on every aspect of this small cap play.

I’ll show you how to get your hands on this exclusive stock briefing in just a moment.

Before I show you how to collect it…I want to tell you about one more Nitro Stock capable of multiplying your stake more than 6 times over in the next few years.


The last company revealed in this report is an extremely small firm that’s invented an extremely big idea.

They thought about the sheer power that has been ushered in by the process of automation and came up with software that can automate the one thing we never thought possible — human communication.

Sounds too good to be true? It’s not.

The big idea is that communications between companies and customers should be one of the last things to be automated…why not get a jump start on the competition and figure it out now?

And what they’ve designed is an incredible program that might soon make many client-facing positions obsolete.

Right now, their idea is so forward-thinking that you can snap up shares for this company for basically nothing…all up the company is worth a mere $23 million…but you can bet that won’t last long.

Now…I’d like to send you my briefing right away to give you ALL the details about this urgent tech buy.

The truth is, any one of my three Nitro-charged stocks could start to climb even higher…any day now.

And the sooner you get in, the more money you potentially stand to make.

As I said, the briefing is yours — with my compliments — today.

There’s only one thing I ask in return…

Let me send you my best
stock tips every month

With your permission, I’d like to give you a no-obligation 365-day trial subscription to my newsletter, Small-Cap Speculator.

If you've read this far, it's obvious you're interested in making big money from relatively small’ve seen what Nitro Stocks can do and you want a taste.

If you’re anything like me, you want to get started — pronto.


Every month, I’ll send you my research advisory Small-Cap Speculator.

My focus is to find the best, most potential-packed small-caps on New Zealand’s main stock exchange (sometimes we may even venture to opportunities in Australia if I believe I’ve locked on to a mammoth opportunity).

Don’t worry, buying Australian shares is no more complex than buying ones listed in New Zealand.

But it does give us a lot more choice!

Regardless of location, every single one of my Nitro picks will come from a breadth of industries, but you will find that there is a technology angle to many of them.

That’s because no matter where you look, new technologies are already there.

The whole world is driven by technology. Technological progress has been around since the beginning of man. Whether it’s the invention of the wheel, the early days of flight, or even the first sales of sliced bread by the Chillicothe Baking Company in 1928.

These small-cap companies with big ideas have the potential to change the world…and transform your financial life.

Tech is what drives industry forward. And any company that’s not looking at ways to use technology to help improve its operations is simply not looking to grow.

In Small-Cap Speculator, you’ll get my most urgent small-cap tips, insight on exciting new trends and my full portfolio of white-hot companies on the verge of something spectacular.

I’m not new to this game. I’m an MBA graduate, with degrees in economics and international business, and I’ve spent the last decade focusing exclusively on exciting little companies capable of rapid climbs in price.

I truly believe that this is your best chance at watching a handful of cents multiply many times over from the comfort of your own living room.

The moment you join, I’ll send you your exclusive Nitro Stock briefing: NITRO POWER: Three Stocks to Buy Before They Lift-Off in 2019.

Sound good to you?

Try it out

To make sure Small-Cap Speculator Investigator is right for you, I’ve arranged a special trial period for you.

That means you can try it out for a full 365 days under no obligation at all.

If you don’t want to continue receiving my urgent small-cap tips — just let me know within the first 365 days. You’ll get a full refund AND you can keep your special Nitro Stock briefing with my compliments.

I just want you to see for yourself what these stocks could do for your money…and your life.

Still unsure?

A lot of people who took up this special trial in the past probably had doubts about whether it would be right for them.

What they may not realise is just the sheer amount of invaluable investing content they will get the INSTANT they sign up.

You won’t just get access to my latest report with three of my hottest Nitro-powered small-caps to buy now…

Every new member of Small-Cap Speculator will also get a raft of other goodies, starting with…

A private password so you can access your urgent report…

NITRO POWER: Three Stocks to Buy Before They Lift-Off in 2019

It contains all my research on the three Nitro Stocks I’ve told you about today.

Remember: these are explosive companies that could rocket up in price any day now, so you need to move on these quick. My advice — as soon as you get your hands on the report, buy into these shares. That way, you’re in BEFORE the biggest potential up-moves. 

You’ll get all the information you need to get into these stocks right away. I’ll run you through all the risks and potential rewards so you are fully up to speed.

Then in the next month (and each month after that if you choose to stay on as a subscriber) I’ll send you an easy-to-follow summary of my new and exciting small-cap share tips.

You will receive at least one brand new share tip in each monthly issue.

I’ll explain why I believe each is an under-priced profit opportunity.

I’ll give you a whole year to show you what I can do…

So far, you’ve only had a cheeky glimpse at this hidden world of explosive Nitro Stocks. But it’s more rewarding than you can even imagine.

In saying that…

The last thing I want to do is show you all of these opportunities…and then hang you out to dry.

Like I just said, you won’t just be getting a stock report and then be left to your own devices. I’m going to give you an entire suite of ongoing services.

I’ll guide you through each step of investing, then monitor the recommendations over time and provide you with updates.

You’ll always know exactly what’s going on with each of the companies I reveal today…and the exact moment you ought to exit the position.

To do that, I’ve prepared a welcome package for all new Small-Cap Speculator subscribers.

It contains everything you’ll need to profit off these opportunities, as well as what you’ll need down the road as a small-cap investor.

The value-packed welcome package includes:

Exclusive access to my NZ small-cap buy-list…

We’ll start off with our three New Zealand-based ‘Nitro Stocks’…but it won’t stop there. As we discover new and promising opportunities, we’ll share recommendations and build them into an exclusive buy-list.

It gives you everything you need to invest — which stock, what price, the key risks and when to sell…

Trade Alerts

I’ll watch over our holdings carefully day and night…so you don’t have to. When it comes time to sell or buy more, I’ll send you a clear alert via email.

We’ll include a quick summary of why it’s a perfect time to buy or sell…and how you can do it.

Detailed Monthly Briefings

Beyond stock recommendations, we’ll offer you a monthly briefing that gives you insight into the trends and topics we’re investigating. You’ll find the clues as we uncover them that point us towards new opportunities.

That could include discussions with industry insiders, juicy titbits from investor conferences, revealing financial statements or discoveries of start-ups about to list. Plus, I’ll offer my own analysis of New Zealand’s market from a high-level view…where we are and where we’re going…

Small-cap profit alerts
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With my weekly updates, you’ll never be left in the dark. I’ll reach out, once a week, and update you on our stock recommendations and what’s happening in the markets that could affect your investments.

You’ll be ‘in-the-know’ with the most up-to-date insights available in New Zealand…like what fund managers or stockbrokers pay thousands for. And it will all be in clear jargon-free English, with specific guidance on what you could do with these stocks.

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As a member, you’ll get complete access to Small-Cap Speculator’s members-only area. That’s where I’ll store my buy-list, reports, updates, and analysis…all available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

A dedicated customer-service team for subscribers...

We know that nothing beats talking to a real-life human being. If you have any questions at all…or concerns…we have a dedicated support staff ready to answer your call. They’ll either get you what you’re looking for…or walk you through whatever you need. Last but not least…

For those who join today, you’ll get my entire Small-Cap Speculator suite…plus TWO MORE bonus reports!

Whether you’re completely new to investing or a hardened veteran, don’t worry. I’ve prepared two reports that include the tips and strategies I’ve developed over the years.

It’s jam-packed with all the stuff I wish I knew when I started…including specific investing strategies, step-by-step explanations of investing and how we’ll identify New Zealand’s greatest small-cap opportunities.

To try this out, all I ask in return is to take a no-obligation trial subscription to our brand-new investment advisory, Small-Cap Speculator.

Which, by the way, normally runs at the full publisher’s price of $99 annually.

Along with all the content I’ve highlighted above, I’ll send you two more bonus reports, just as a thank-you for agreeing to trial this service…

Bonus Report #1:

The Ultimate Guide to Hyper-Growth Small-Cap Investing

In this report, I reveal my network’s fine-tuned guide to getting your money working with small-cap stocks. It’s a highly lucrative strategy…and one that we’ve perfected over the past several decades.

If you’ve got questions…or don’t know how to get the ball rolling…we’ll cover that and more…in this unique report.

Bonus Report #2:

The Complete A—Z Guide to Getting Started with Bitcoin

In the past year, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have fallen from their peak…some have even fallen to zero. The mainstream seems to believe this means the boom is over. I disagree.

In fact, the experts I talk to say that it’s only just begun…and we’re in the valley before the next mountainous rise. Buying in now, at a discount, might be one of the best decisions you can make today. See how in this exclusive report.

But here’s the thing — today I’m going to give all of them away as a bonus to new subscribers like yourself…

That includes:

  • The Ultimate Guide to Hyper-Growth Small-Cap Investing
  • The Complete A—Z Guide to Getting Started with Bitcoin

And of course…

  • NITRO POWER: Three Stocks to Buy Before They Lift-Off in 2019.

You get all of this, just for agreeing to trial a no-obligation subscription to Small-Cap Speculator for a year.

Now, as I mentioned, a full year for this service normally costs $99.

But I’ve persuaded my publisher to let me discount it heavily…for new members only…and just for today.

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I’ll be honest — I’m going to be very picky with who joins my service.

I’m looking for the proactive early-adopters who know value when they see it…and aren’t afraid to embrace a new opportunity.

Who have the guts to handle the super-charged thrill ride that comes with investing in this special breed of ‘Nitro Stocks’.

Because of that, we’ve decided to offer a special price to the original members who accept my invitation right now.

Today you can subscribe to my research service, Small-Cap Speculator, for a full year…for only $49.

That’s a massive 50% DISCOUNT for everyone who signs up today

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If you look at everything you get, you might wonder how we make money…

Google Finance

That’s right, you get all that…plus a year of my dedicated research…for just $49.

If Small-Cap Speculator is so valuable, why am I giving it away so cheaply?

Because I want to earn your repeat business.

I believe my top-notch research will blow you away…and you’ll decide to stay with us year after year.

Remember, my research is fully independent. Unlike some of our competitors in New Zealand, we don’t make deals with other companies to advertise or highlight certain stocks.

As our subscriber, you’re our only ‘shareholder’…and because of that, we’re able to deliver completely unbiased research.

That’s why your satisfaction is my only goal…and why I’m willing to offer my service to you today for such a low cost.

And to show just how confident I am that I’ll over-deliver to you, I’m adding one last benefit to make your decision easy…

Money-back guarantee…for an entire year!

When you subscribe to Small-Cap Speculator today, you can do so completely under no-obligation for a full year.

That means you can get a quick, no-questions-asked 100% refund any time during your subscription during your first year.

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Yes, that means that on the 364th day of your subscription, after you’ve received all the reports, recommendations, 12 monthly reports and 50 weekly updates, you can call us up and ask for a full refund…and we’ll happily give it to you.

(And you can keep everything!)

I’m sure you’ll agree that’s a square deal.

In fact, that’s probably a better deal than you’ll find anywhere else.

That’s just how confident I am that I’ll over-deliver with Small-Cap Speculator…and earn your business.

Because if you give my research a try, by the time that 364th day rolls around, you could potentially be well on your way to turning every $1,000 down into $3,870…

Mind you, that’s one of my lower estimates.

Longer term and if things play out like I expect them too, I believe investors who get behind my one of my most promising Nitro Stocks could be looking at an even bigger potential payday.

Where just a $1,000 punt could balloon into as much as $6,850.

Invest a little more, say $10,000 and you could be looking at a five-figure, 68,500 profit payday.

…Think about it that way and the $49 will feel like pocket change.

Your next step now

If you’re ready to tap into the explosive potential of Nitro Stocks…and want your instant access to NITRO POWER: Three Stocks to Buy Before They Lift-Off in 2019.

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PS: For those who choose to join me on this exciting adventure and opportunity, I look forward to you joining our exclusive group. You’ve made a fantastic decision.

Keep an eye out for my email right after you finalise your order. It will contain your access to NITRO POWER: Three Stocks to Buy Before They Lift-Off in 2019 and all two extra bonus reports too.

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Frequently asked questions

What are you going to get if you respond right now?

By responding today, you only pay $49 for a full year of access to my service, Small-Cap Speculator.

And remember, that $49 is fully refundable any time during the annual subscription.

On top of the full year of my research, you’ll get a downloadable report called, NITRO POWER: Three Stocks to Buy Before They Lift-Off in 2019.

You will ALSO receive digital copies of the two bonus reports:

  • The Ultimate Guide to Hyper-Growth Small-Cap Investing
  • The Complete A—Z Guide to Getting Started with Bitcoin

Finally, you’ll receive your Small-Cap Speculator welcome package, which includes:

  • Exclusive access to my NZ small-cap buy-list…
  • Trade alerts…
  • Detailed monthly briefings…
  • 24/7 members-only encrypted website…
  • A dedicated customer-service team for subscribers...
  • Small-cap profit alerts every single week…

As a subscriber to Small-Cap Speculator, you’ll receive ongoing commentary that explains the high-potential trends currently flying under the radar.

You’ll get an in-depth look at where these trends could go…and which companies are best-positioned to capitalise.

This sort of forward-thinking analysis isn’t something you’ll find in the mainstream news.

It’s a unique service for a potentially highly lucrative investing strategy — New Zealand’s small-cap stocks.

Now my goal is to earn your business by over-delivering top-notch, high-return recommendations…backed by well-researched analysis.

If you’re not impressed…or simply decide it’s not right for you…that’s not a problem.

Simply contact your dedicated customer-service representative and they’ll get you sorted out in no time. You’ll never be billed another cent…PLUS, you’re free to keep all of the reports and bonuses that you receive.

But if you love what we’re doing and see the unique benefits of this service…then you won’t have to do anything else. 

After your first year comes to a close, we’ll automatically bill your card $99 for a one-year subscription to Small-Cap Speculator. Your subscription will then automatically renew annually thereafter at the regular fee of $99 a year. You can choose to cancel at any time and the payments will stop. You still have a full year to trial this service under no obligation.

1. What if I decide I don’t want to be a Small-Cap Speculator subscriber?

As mentioned above, that’s no problem. This is a no-obligation deal. If, for any reason, after assessing the archive you decide it’s not for you, just call our customer-service team within your trial period (your first year), let them know, and you’ll be refunded for the subscription.

Remember, I know this won’t be for everyone. It’s for a very specific group of investors…those that want to tap into the potential of super-charged potential of ‘Nitro Stocks’.

2. Who is Taylor Kee?

I, Taylor, am the publisher of Money Morning Investment Research. I am an MBA graduate, with degrees in economics and international business. I have been investigating the world of money for years…seeking the globe’s top opportunities and threats. With the help of an international network, I now focus on identifying potential in New Zealand…and what I have discovered could be life-changing.

According to my experience, the most popular stocks held aren’t necessarily the big-winners. They’re often the winners of yesterday. With small-cap stocks, investors can now tap into superstars before they explode…which could mean a profitable ride for early investors.

3. What exactly is a ‘Nitro Stock’

As I explained in the above letter, a ‘Nitro Stock’ is a term we use to describe a  small-cap company (which means it has a market capitalisation of $2 billion or less). These are small, high-risk stocks, but with big ideas and significant upside potential. This is exactly why I call them ‘Nitro Stocks’…

Because more so than other stocks that I’ve personally seen in any market...they have the potential to help investors supercharge their returns in often just a few short years. That’s what I mean when I say a stock goes ‘Nitro’.

4. What if my Nitro Stocks don’t perform like he expects them too?

That is always a big risk with small-cap stocks like the Nitro Stocks I have shown you today.

And the stocks I recommend might not shoot for the moon as my research predicts…instead they’ll keep rolling along, perhaps making solid returns despite the trend falling through.

It’s a risk that these plays won’t pan out. I'm not infallible. And even the correct calls I have made should be countered with the fact that past performance does not guarantee the future.

That being said, you don’t have to be an MBA-wielding expert to see the facts and make an educated guess where things could go.

Give Small-Cap Speculator a go today, see the facts, hear the argument, and make you own conclusion on how these Nitro powered stocks could perform.


(PLUS, you’ll have a chance to review your order before it’s final.)

I’m in... sign me up today!